we live in pictures and words and make our living from their stories


to impress, a picture must first catch one's eye and tell a story


to compel, a word must carry a message and be sincere

both of us

a text or a picture alone is incomplete, together they are perfect

Pavel tells stories in pictures

Every picture tells a story and I believe we all have some story to express in pictures.  

I always think how to approach yours. And as you speak, I already see you as a main character of your own perfect story.

Bára is literally a literal perfectionist  

I do not let words out carelessly. I want them to compel, attract and sell.

At our meeting I listen, I get to know you perfectly and I write a story that brings your brand closer to public.

and together

We entertain your customers with something attractive to see and to read.

there is one more member to the pack, Štěpánka

With foxes, I worked on a Capoeirista - surrender to the circle project. It was my most successful and most demanding work so far. I translated three films into English.

Before that I had lived In Nottingham for a while and played ukulele in the Chamber of Deputies in Prague. Now, I teach at a secondary school and I am ready to dive right into translation of your stories.