catch (up with) new customers

missing a picture?

Your brand is unique and deserves a refined tone, colour and a plot line.

Between online and TV marketing there is a big difference. In a few seconds, we can do a quick frame and the audience misses nothing. We always see photos and videos as a short story.

lack of words?

Words. Words everywhere. Would you like an original content? Do you need a slogan, a microsite, web or a PR article?

We can hit the target group with their slang. We can be brief, foxlike, in style of Hemingway, or even polished formal.

what does the fox say:

set the idea and claim of the brand 

Call it an idea or a concept, it is still a style in which your brand talks. 

We can set it and create a story.


catch the target group into social net(work)s

No space for social networks in your forest district?

The foxes know them well. Let them take care of them for you.

start up an international communication

We work with a translator who can help you aim for foreign audience. 

She can translate your texts into the language that your customers understand.

why give the foxes a chase/chance

Can't afford an agency? Don't want to wait? You don't have to. We don't wait for any more colleagues either. We can however manage our work and deliver your content ASAP. 


  • An honest brand, no pretending. That is why we like to get to know you in your own territory or over a cup of coffee. 
  • Stylish and homogeneous content tailored for the platform. We make the communication homogeneous on one side, relevant to online channels considering their unique needs on the other. Words and pictures.
  • Meaningful and entertaining communication. We do not look for high numbers of followers, but for relevant customers that want to communicate and need you.

sneak a peek how we work together

  • First, sit.  :-)

  • When we know your brand as the back of your hands, we can start INVESTIGATING. 

  • We learn about your customers. 

  • We create a concept. Do you like it?

  • Splendid! Now, we can start taking care of you.

  • We improve your communication to get new customers.

  • We get back to you with an analysis and check how it adds up.